Wedding Day Logistics

It is very important to maintain a tight schedule on the day of the wedding. You can count on us to be there on time with everything we need. It is critical for the bride to communicate to her party the importance of being on time and properly prepared. We work quickly and allow enough time for touch ups before we leave and in order to do so we ask that everyone wanting hair done be at the getting ready location together. We work fast and the schedule will be thrown off if each girl shows up on the hour for example. Please be sure to inform the wedding planner of this because some planners will try to schedule arrival times for each person getting hair done.


Additional Requests for the bride/wedding coordinator/event planner:

The following items will enable us to offer you the best service. If you anticipate any problems with these requests, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance:

  • A designated work space to style hair..

  • A chair near an electrical outlet; we bring a tray to set tools and products on as well as a small hand held mirror. If there is a place to set a chair in front of a wall mirror or full sized mirror that would be most ideal but not required. 

  • Good lighting.


After we have talked and we have received your deposit/ saved your date we will create a highly effective, stress-free wedding day hair timeline to ensure everyone is ready in plenty of time before the ceremony. We allow enough time at the end to do touch ups, if needed, before everyone gets dressed and pictures start.

If the wedding party is big we will bring an assistant with me but the lead artist hired by the bride will ALWAYS be the one doing the brides hair.

We travel to you, bringing all our professional hair equipment to your location. We will arrive fully prepared, having already reviewed the detailed notes we made and photographs we took during your trial.

You won’t feel rushed, because with our system the process is smooth and chaos free. By the time you step into your dress, you will be good to go—and so will we. It’s unlikely you will need us later for touch-ups, but for your peace of mind we offer a personal stylist package and we are happy to stay, with advance notice.


Bridal Party:

We will work with you on the wedding day to create any look you want. Bring photos as inspiration, we even suggest having photos of things you don't like so we can be on the same page.  If you are unsure we can do something original and beautiful that complements your look. If there is a big bridal party, we will bring along an additional stylist to make sure everything goes smoothly. Once we finish we will go back and do any touch ups needed before getting into your dress to ensure you are camera ready.

  • Be sure to wear a shirt that buttons down the front, so it can be easily removed, or a robe.

  • CLEAN DRY HAIR. Many stylists ask for dirty hair where we do not. Clean hair is shiny and fresh. We can add products to create texture and hold. Some peoples hair is oily and if too dirty it will not style as clean hair will. If hair is even slightly damp it will not hold curl and it is an extra charge if we have to dry it and it will take time out of the schedule.  It's okay if you wash it the night before.

  • For short blowout styles (usually for moms)- Please arrive with freshly washed, air dried hair, almost completely dry but slightly damp. You can use your products you would normally after washing if you like.

  • Refunds will not be issued for any cancellations, late arrivals, or no show. 

  • No additional people can be added on the day of the wedding. We ask for a total of people wanting hair done 2 weeks before the wedding and that number is locked in. If you commit to getting hair you are required to pay and if you are not apart of the number given to me by the bride in advance and decide on the day of the wedding you want us to do your hair we can not guarantee their will be time to add additional people. Once the bride gives us a number of people wanting hair we set a very strict schedule to ensure everything runs on time and is stress free.


Contact us! We would love to hear all about your exciting day, schedule your event, and answer your questions. Click            to contact us now.


To book we need your deposit of $210. This saves your wedding date, includes your trial run and brides hair on the day of the wedding. The bride would then be paid in full and would not owe anything the day of. Only people who would owe the day of would be anyone else wanting hair done. To send your deposit we will email you an invoice once we contact each other and we can confirm we are available on your date. This invoice will also be our contract to you. We require at least 4 people getting hair done to come on location; otherwise hair services will be done at the salon. We do not charge a traveling fee if it is within 30 miles from the salon; note we are located in Chattanooga, TN. We ask to have a total number of people wanting their hair done 2 weeks before the wedding. If it is more than 6 people we will bring assistants with us so we can stay on a good schedule and not have to get started too early in the morning. Once we receive a total number that number is locked in. That number of people are required to pay and we can not take add ons the day of the wedding. We set a very strict schedule to ensure we stay on time and everything runs smoothly. We ask that everyone arrives together with clean dry hair. We work quick and diligently so we ask everyone be together and not have separate scheduled arrival times. It will be hard to stay on schedule if we have to dry hair; it will also be an extra charge if we have to fully dry anyone's hair. 


Contact us to get your appointment! You can send us pictures of your hair in advance if you like but is not required. You can just show us pictures of things you like and even dislike so we can be on the same page on the day of your appointment. Please come with clean dry hair. It is an additional charge if we have to dry the hair. 

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